What life lessons could be learnt from the Australian entrepreneur Clive Palmer?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One life lesson from Clive Palmer is the need to be comfortable in one's identity.  While Clive Palmer can be criticized as many things, one truth about him is that what one sees is what one gets. Clive Palmer will not be someone behind the scenes, a la Bernie Madoff or Ken Lay.  Clive Palmer will speak his mind, stand his ground, and is rather comfortable in giving his opinion.  In the sometimes duplicitous world of business and public relations, Clive Palmer is direct in his speaking.  He wants to build an amusement park, he does.  He wants to run for political office, he does.  He  feels the need to criticize the Chinese, he does.  The reality is that Clive Palmer has developed a following because he holds little back.  Clive Palmer does not read from prepared statements that have been focus- group tested.  He is open and demonstrative.  

The life lesson here is that there is a comfort that Clive Palmer demonstrates in who he is.  Clive Palmer is who he says he is. In a world where many are trying to be "someone else," Palmer is being himself.  I tend to think that there is a life lesson here to be gained.  In the business setting, one potential reason Palmer has found so much in way of success is because he was able to convince others to buy into what he was selling or suggesting.  Over the years, Palmer has accumulated a great deal of wealth.  One potential reason as to why this might have been is because people were able to trust him, as both brand and salesman.  While business is crafty in terms of negotiations and dealing, there is something to be said about authenticity in the process of generating commerce.  Palmer certainly has been able to embody this over the past three to four decades in which he has accumulated his wealth.  The idea of being who one says they are might be a life lesson that could be gained from Palmer's narrative.