What life lessons can we learn from an entrepreneur?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The life lessons that we can learn from entrepreneurs will actually vary quite widely depending on the entrepreneur.  Not all entrepreneurs have the same experiences and therefore we cannot learn the same lessons from all of them.

For example, not all entrepreneurs succeed in the businesses that they are trying to create.  This means that the lessons we learn from some entrepreneurs might be negative lessons.  We might learn that we should not do things like trying to start businesses without having a well thought-out business plan.

Of course, some entrepreneurs do succeed.  From them, we can learn a variety of lessons.  Perhaps the most important lesson we are likely to learn is that you do not give up.  Many entrepreneurs have failed at some points in their careers and have continued to try to achieve their goals.  Another important lesson is to work hard.  Entrepreneurs typically have to put in a great deal of effort if they are to succeed.  Finally, we might learn from some entrepreneurs that you have to seek help when you are having problems.  Many entrepreneurs can succeed by learning from people who know more than they do in certain important areas.

Thus, we can learn a variety of lessons from entrepreneurs.