What are the life lessons in Bleachers by John Grisham?

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Life lessons inĀ Bleachers by John Grisham include forgiveness, whether winning is important, and coming to terms with one's life in order to move forward.

Bleachers focuses on the death of Coach Eddie Rake, a hard man who drove the team to multiple wins but who used brutal tactics to do so. At one point, they won every game they played for four years straight. When former players gather to remember him, they reminisce about the harshness of the man and the results he produced.

The issues of forgiveness and coming to terms with the past are personified in Neely Crenshaw, who played for Coach Rake. He looks back and remembers when Rake backhanded him for something that happened during a game. Still, Rake helped mold him into an excellent player who had the chance to go pro until he was injured.

Crenshaw has to decide to forgive Rake and to move on with his life instead of idealizing his past and regretting what could have been.

The reminiscing of the players shows the cost it took for Rake to...

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