What is life according to you ? A tragedy or comedy?what is life according to you ? A tragedy or comedy?

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My life has been filled with tragedy, but I choose to see life through the lens of a comedy.  Within the tragedies are many elements of comedy which make life a good thing.  Each day we have a choice of either crying or laughing at what life has handed to us, and I almost always choose to laugh either figuratively or literally.


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I would have to say that it is a tragicomedy, using the common definition of "tragedy" as a synonym for pain and suffering.  My own life is far more a comedy than a tragedy, but the lives of many of the 7 billion people on the planet entail suffering of a sort that most of us cannot imagine.

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Life is most certainly a tragedy since all tragedies end in death, do they not?  However as the tragic dramas that have been written by the greats attest, there is often comedic reflief and romance.

As a reflection upon this very question, Ernest Hemingway wrote, "The sense of the tragic is always in the mind of the thinking man."

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Life is full of tragedy and comedy.  It all depends on how you view what happens.  You might say that tragedy is when it happens to you, and comedy is when it happens to others.  That's a cynical definition, but some do laugh at the pain of others.  It's the nervous laughter of one who is grateful not to be feeling the pain.

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I tend to believe that life is a comedy, peppered with tragedies (at least that is how I like to think of it). I, like lmetcalf, would hate to think of life as simply tragic. As detailed by Aristotle, and used by Shakespeare, people possess harmatia (a tragic flaw). I think that not only tragic heroes possess tragic flaws, but humanity as a whole does. What this flaw allows us to do is learn from our mistakes.

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I can't bear to think that life is a tragedy, but I think there is a grain of truth there. A tragedy implies flaws, which we all have; and if we are honest with ourselves, it is our flaws which bring on our worst heartaches. In the best of circumstances we learn from our flaws and have a chance at redemption, or there is a glimmer of hope to be gleaned from the tragedy. All that said, there is more to life than our flaws and our troubles, and it is the comedy of life that makes it worth living.

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It's not a tragedy to me.  Tragedy is not just about sad things happening.  It's about sad things happening because of the tragic flaws of the people in the stories.  I don't think that that is what my life is like or what the lives of most people are like.  Now, is it a comedy?  Maybe not, but I don't think that life is tragic.

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I think life is more like a tragicomedy, full of ups and downs, good things and bad. I try not to take life too seriously, and humor is a big part of my personal character. But one can never get away from the tragic side of life: hardships, financial and personal problems, and people dying.

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To me life is a tradedy because i think that we were all made to live so that while  acquiring our goals and dreams people can learn from our mistakes. Trgic because we aspire things in life and we manipulate to get them, or even through honesty are defeated... and what is life without goals? what is life with dreams that fester? What is life with no love? What is life without tragic adventure that will allow others to see us as absurd... yet were are their alter egos? Simply, a comedy though tragic means.

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I think life is a combination of tragedy and comedy. For me life so far has been a mixbag. But everybody must remember that life can challenge us and we too can challenge life. Great people in history have always challenged life and succeeded. Therefore, i too have  decided to challenge life in whatever tragedy or comedy it brings.

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No such thing as comedy or tragedy in life depending on what is written down or what is destined for you..

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It depends on one's capacity to fight against the odds of life. If one thinks his life is a tragedy, it obviously becomes a tragedy and vice versa. The old proverb--- 'If you smile, the whole world smiles with you ; if you weep , you weep alone!'--makes the problem clearly understood.

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Let's say it's a tragi-comedy, then! It's hard to choose between the two, as they're both extremes and don't define life effectively and correctly. There has been so much philosophical argument about the purpose of life, the definition of life and so on, that is can become overwhelming. But, if we look at this question 'comedy' or 'tragedy', it could be a way of defining whether you are a pessimist or an optimist? Like the half glass question - is the glass half full or half empty, this question can distinguish those who view life negatively and those who view like positively?

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What is life according to you ? A tragedy or comedy?

what is life according to you ? A tragedy or comedy?

both :3

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To me,your "form" of life depends on what characterizes your life and where u live at a point in time. for example If u live where I live (Nigeria) you will c life as a DARK COMEDY where u treat serious issues lightly,as though they are nothing and everyone lives his life as if all is well even when the situation is not well,also laugh about ugly situationos. In essence life's "form" is what you interpret it to be
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Hi there, for me life is a tragicomedy and if we talk about life as a whole its ironic. An individual's life is like an ECG which makes life a mixture of the two. secondly, everyone wears a persona of humour and laughter which in realit hides his "tragic' side. Comedy is essential too, as to live in the society with a remarkable status and to be in the good books of others. Nevertheless, its life and the ultimate reality live it to its fullest. Throw a veil at you sorrows and keep simling :-) 

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life is a tragic comedy to me. it has its us and downs.

“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.”
Mother Teresa

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I look  at life life a comedy theres the funny moments and the bad, as a tradegy its that everbody will die and that sucks but its life and you live with it!

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well it depends if you are happy for example i hate living where i currently live and i have three friends so for me its a trajedy but for someone else it might be a comedy

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Life Is Tragedy for those who feel.

And Comedy for those who think.

I love this! You're right, sometimes your heart is just incapable of seeing the bright side of the situation, with only a little thought, most things aren't as bad as what they seem.

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Life being comedy-natured seems like the "comedy" is at the expense of others and that life in general is viewed in a humourous way. However, I think it's also possible to say that a tragedy that occurs to a person can be viewed as a comedy to that person, as a sign of resilience. Certainly, life is much more complicated than to be categorised into two groups. Given this, I think life is a tragedy and a comedy (since they are the two definitions assigned to define life in this discussion).

Sadly, life can be tragic (sorrowful and distressing) for some because of a number of reasons in their personal lives. But having said that, I think that somewhat of an uncanny sense of happiness can prevail sorrow given the right frame of mind. Sure, life is never peaches and cream but dwelling on the downs of life will not get anyone anywhere; so outlook and attitude is everything.

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life is what u take it...........if u face alll pr0blems bravely.......its n0t tragedy.....but if u r just crying all the time 0n ur pr0blems than its a big tragedy......c0z every pers0n in this w0rld have pr0blem but wh0 face it bravely life bec0me setc0me f0r them...:)

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to be very honest, it becomes really tragic for me.life learnt me lessons and i got xperienced from it  i.e no expectations leads u to live a healthy life !

that's it.........

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LIFE...It is a very small word but has very huge meaning.Tragedy and comedy is the part of everyones life . We can't  vote only on tragedy or comedy. As some friends says here that  life is tragedy or comedy according to ones thinking or activities or etc.. But in my opinion this saying works only on those who live their life according to their way as "my way is the highway" and on this funda, destiny also  helps them very much . It is also true that in life everyone has to live tragedy and comedy both . May be you struggle whole of your life and then say that "Life is tragedy " because you never feel the taste of happiness but when you brood over your every moment of your life, ask this question to yourself "have you never smile in your whole life?" You will get your answer .

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It varies highly from person to person. Some might say life is painful, a tragedy. Some might pipe, it's quite pleasant. While the rest would rather highlight that it'a a combination of both, like a roller coaster ride. But, personally, I would say it's a wrong question (no offense)! LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT.

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According to me life is tragedy as we are bound to die. Its also comedy as I enjoy comedy of manners, farce etc. In brief life is a mixer of both. It brings us tragic flaw as well as comic situations. But beyond this life is like a poem born out of spontaneous thoughts poured out of deep core of heart.

Though its hard to believe, I give less importance to day to day happenings. Rather I work because I am bound to but don't aspire much from it. So even in failures also I am less pained and in success less delighted. Besides, I believe that everything is destined but we have the right to work and result will come as destined.

This makes me happy. Its like Pascal's theory of philosophy. If God exists then He will bless us and if not, we lose nothing.

Though I am bound to becaome a part of scenes and play a role, I play it for duty sake. If the viewers praise its good and if not what I lose. I shall live until my tenure completed which is unknown.