What are the lierary techniques used and why has he used them?

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Shakespeare uses a variety of literary techniques in his comedy, 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Firstly, Shakespeare uses irony. Dramatic irony is shown when the audience is exposed to Don John's evil plan before Don Pedro and Claudio are shown 'Hero' (who is actually Margaret) being with another man. That's when another form of irony is used, when at the wedding, a place of ceremonious joy and bliss, Claudio publically shames Hero for her misdeeds, causing chaos!

Shakespeare uses techniques like irony to help create a sense of humor and tragedy within the play; the audience connect to the characters, and relationships are formed. We are hurt when Hero faints, and hate Claudio for his actions, because we know the truth! Shakespeare also uses techniques to create tension, which makes audiences hold onto their seats!

Other techniques used include metaphor, simile, personification and pathetic fallacy.

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