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In, Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko , the lie that is a persistent current throughout the novel is the institutional and internalized white supremacy that has dominated the lives of the Native American characters. Tayo fights in a devastating war where he sees the resemblance of his family in the faces of the Japanese soldiers who he is forced to kill. He must then return home to a country that is destroying his people's culture and image of themselves as indigenous people. Tayo grew up in a country where the dominant white culture declared Native Americans to be thieves and inferior to whites. After his experience in the war, Tayo begins deeply considering the treatment that he and his fiends and family receive at the hands of individual whites and white society as a whole. Tayo is spiritually and physically ill from the war and white supremacy that dominates his life. The reservation he lives on is experiencing a 6-year drought, which Tayo blames on himself due to a curse he uttered at...

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