What are the levels of marketing strategy?none

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dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Levels of marketing strategies are first and foremost framed around a firms limited resources and its desire to achieve the highest level of sales. The level of a marketing strategy rests upon its 'Comparative Advantage', in other words how the levels (or degree) of marketing a product will differentiate it from its competitors, sustain its relevance with the consumer, and making sure the firm doesn't become unproductive in the wake of rising profits.

For example a firm must promote the product itself... decide what audience is targeted... and how to get the product to that target audience...within a specific timeframe...remember in business TIME IS MONEY.

Product Differentiation, making similar products appear different, thus making one seem better than another. Some of the best examples are the 'Pepsi Challenge' commericals from the early 1970's, the 'Wendy's, where's the beef' commercials from the 1980's, and the 'Talking Lizards for Budweiser' during the 1990's.  While personal preference has its place, there is nothing like advertizing to raise the level of market strategies utilizing limited resources (which could very well translate into six figures) but pay off in sales. After all, marketing is rooted in its connection with the consumer. Every time a consumer purchases a product the producer must remember;

1. they like it, perhaps even connect their lives to it

2. marketing strategies enhanced the products' potential

3. marketing levels will rise as profits rise...the key for the firm is to understand the concept of 'How big is too big' as they use their strategies in the markeplace.