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When Mrs. Kathleen Drover discovered the mysterious letter on the table in her hallway, she did not know who it was from or what it was about.  She saw that the letter was "addressed to her."  The letter was short.  It addressed her as Kathleen, rather than Mrs. Drover.  This showed a sense of familiarity at the very beginning of the letter.  The letter itself started off by reminding her that this very same day was their anniversary.  

At this point in the story, the reader does not know who wrote the letter.  The reader does not know what the letter writer is referring to by "anniversary."  

The letter writer noted that the years had passed by both "slowly and fast."  The writer stated that nothing had changed and that they were going to "rely upon [Mrs. Drover] to keep [her] promise."  The letter writer went on to state his or her disappointment that Mrs. Drover left London with her family, but also their pleasure that she was back in time.  The writer of the letter then ended it by stating that Mrs. Drover "may expect [them], therefore, at the hour arranged."  The letter was signed from "K."  Mrs. Drover read that the letter was dated with today's date.

By the end of the letter, the reader still knows almost nothing about the letter writer.  The reader does not know if the writer is male or female. The reader later finds out that the letter is supposed to be from Mrs. Drover's former fiancé.

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