What are the lessons to be learned from Anowa?

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bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the lessons deals with the power of traditions and customs and what happens when a person tries to change those customs and traditions. Anowa refuses to take on her traditional role as a woman in her society. As a result, she committs suicide as well as her husband, Kofi Ako. Anowa remained true to what she believed, but in the process of following her own beliefs, she hurt others.

Pride is another lesson because pride is Anowa's downfall. She shows how strong she is by sticking to what she believes, but her pride leads to her death as well as her husband's death.

We can also learn about the consequences of the choices we make in our lives. Kofi Ako chooses to buy slaves, and this choice leads to the destruction of his marriage, and the eventual ending of his own life.

gbenga | Student

Lessons will depend on subjective view.Moreover the play was written against the backdrop of the dilemma tale in which there is no specific moral resolution, rather the audience is left to draw its own conclusion.Having this in mind will make us see how Ama juxtaposed ideas in the three generations represented:Old man & woman,Badua & Osam,and Kofi and Anowa.Each xter represents different ideologies.For example, The concept of the mouth that eats pepper and salt(alternating spices complementing each other) points to the fact that out of the same mouth,being,entity,source comes conflicting opinions.However there are specific points eg if you're a feminist you'll empathize with anowa as she is not given room for self discovery much less self-expression.A marxist on the other hand will learn the evils of capitalism(slavery) as shown in Kofi.Lesson depends on what you want to see.

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