What lessons does Wart learn when he is turned into different animals?

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Wart learned many lessons from his experiences turning into different animals, some specific to the particular type of animal but most capable of being generalized for use in many situations.

Aside from learning how to swim as a fish when he was a perch, he gained appreciation for the different kinds of skills needed to survive as another life form. He learned that his point of view was not the only one and quite possibly not the correct interpretation. He learned to be aware of the potential for good and for danger in unsuspected places and encounters. Wart learned bravery during his ordeal as a merlin. As an ant, Wart experienced mind-numbing conformity and truly came to value being able to think and act for himself.

Through it all, Wart gains appreciation of nature, learns to be resourceful within himself and in relationship with those around him, and becomes sensitive to the world and others in it.