What lessons does Laila apply from her own childhood in raising her children?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Laila wisely uses the good and bad examples that her parents established for her to raise her own children.  While Laila's father doted on her and ensured that she had a good education, her mother essentially ignored her so that she could focus on her sons.

From her father's parenting, Laila tries to make sure that her children are educated (as best as possible under Afghanistan's Taliban rule) and that they learn of the best elements of Aghan culture.  She also tries to raise her daughter Aziza to be confident in her intelligence.

From her mother's parenting, Laila struggles to avoid her mother's obvious favortism of some children over others.  It would be tempting for her to favor Aziza over her son Zalmai because she is the daughter of Laila's love (Tariq) and because Zalmai is Rasheed's favorite and starts to exhibit his sexist attitude.  However, Laila sincerely strives to treat both children equally and has to make selfless and painful decisions to care for them (i.e., She has to put Aziza in an orphanage just so that she will get nourishment.).

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