What lessons does Laila apply from her own childhood in raising her children in A Thousand Splendid Suns?

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Above all else, Laina makes certain that both of her children will become educated as she was by her teacher father. Gone with the Taliban is the edict that forbids the education of females, so Aziza will join a new generation of Afghani females to attend school. Laila's marriage to Tariq will assure that both of her children receive an attentive and loving father, just as her own father was. Unlike her own mother, who doted over her brothers and paid little attention to her own well-being, Laila will show no favoritism toward Zalmai simply because he is a boy. By the end of the story, Laila has already developed a deep bond with her daughter, something that was often missing with her own mother.

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In the book A Thousand Splendid Suns Laila had married Rasheed because she felt alone after the deaths of her loved ones.  She has a daughter whom she devotes herself to.  As a child Laila had longed for her mother's love, but her mother had doted on her son so much that there was little love left for Laila.  Even when she has to put her daughter in the orphanage so she can have food to eat, Laila goes to visit her.  She is beaten up, but she will not give in and abandon her daughter.

Later in the story Laila also has a son.  After she and Talriq are reunited and marry, she makes sure her children get  an education.

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