what lessons can one learn from the novel, "The Arms And The Man"

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"Arms and the Man"is a delightful comedy,According to the "Commentary", its purpose is to make us think,by illustrating       how people can ruin their lives through false ideals. thus Raina      act rationally by lying to save Bluntscli,although the telling of the  lies is frowned upon by society.Louka acts rationally in trying to better hereself by winning and then marring Raina's fiance.Major Petkoff acts rationall inasking whether Bluntscli can support Raina   in the manner to which she is accustomed. Sergius,however, act irrationally in expecting Raina not tolook at another man, in des- pising him self for being attracted to other women, and in marr-   ing Louka because of a pledge he made to her during a moment    of excitement. Sergius also acts irrationally in bravely leading his cavarly against the Serbian machine-guns; it was only luck that prevented the massacre of his regiment by modern weapen.The behaviour of Captain Bluntschli and the play's conclusion insin-   uate the need for common-sense realism inour expectations        and behaviour.(79)

farwla | Student

First,every human being has the right to improve his life;it is not the class to which you belong that give you importance or value in life; it is his experience and devotion towards certain goal

second,we can say that love and marriage are not related to each other

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