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The lesson plan is probably one of the most basic and yet needed conceptions of practical success of the teacher in the classroom.  The lesson plan outlines the purpose of a specific class in terms of specific learning objectives that need to be accomplished, and also discuss the path by which students and teachers will take in order to get there.  The exact form of each lesson plan varies.  Yet, the overriding similarity is that the lesson plan has to ensure focus and set out with a mission that needs to be accomplished.  In the end, this becomes the critical element in a lesson plan.  I think that the most effective lesson plans deal with backward design, to an extent.  They identify what the kids need to know by the time they leave the class and are created with this in mind.  In this, each minute in the classroom is driving towards a particular end.  The lesson plan allows the teacher to fully explain to administrators, colleagues, and infinitely more important, to themselves the exact purpose of a class and help to ensure that this target is met.

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