What Does Scrooge Learn From The Ghost Of Christmas Past

What lesson does Scrooge learn from each spirit in A Christmas Carol?

In A Christmas Carol, when Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, he learns that he was not responsible for his poor treatment as a child but that he is responsible for his mistakes as an adult. The Ghost of Christmas Present teaches him that family is the most important thing and that humankind is the business that he should be concerned about. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come teaches him that he must change immediately.

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In stave 2, "The First of the Three Spirits," of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Ebenezer Scrooge on a journey into the past—Scrooge's past—which begins with a walk down a country road near Scrooge's childhood home near an idyllic, riverside market town. The scene with Scrooge's childhood friends calling out "Merry Christmas" to each other is a happy scene, in contrast to the scene of young Ebenezer sitting alone and forlorn at Christmas in a deserted classroom at his boarding school. Seeing himself, sitting there reading without another person to be seen or heard, Scrooge remembers the boy singing Christmas carols outside Scrooge's countinghouse who Scrooge chased away with a ruler in stave 1.

“I wish,” Scrooge muttered, putting his hand in his pocket, and looking about him, after drying his eyes with his cuff: “but it’s too late now.”

“What is the matter?” asked the Spirit.

“Nothing,” said Scrooge. “Nothing. There was a boy...

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