What lesson does Mr.Rochester learn from the events of the novel? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Love is an important theme in this novel. Many different types of love are presented and the absence of love, as in Jane's upbringing, Jane's relationship with St. John, Rochester's sham marriage, Blanche Ingram's lack of love for Rochester, can be destructive. I believe the biggest lesson that Mr.Rochester learns from the novel is that true love is something pure, something that even transcends humanity. It cannot be conjured up, it cannot be manipulated and when it comes, it provides redemption. 

Rochester has spent his life trying to escape his mistakes in love. Before Jane, he pursued love, but only found passion. He had several mistresses and then was tricked into marrying Bertha, to whom he was attracted, but did not love. He tries to manipulate a marriage with Jane even though he knows he is not free to marry her. He suggests that Jane become his mistress because he wants to be with her, but she refuses. If he wants to have pure love, it cannot be with subterfuge. When Jane leaves, his home is burned down and he loses his sight. Jane eventually returns and they do get together, but it is because of Jane's pure love for him, not any of his manipulations. True love cannot be forced. When true love does come to him, it redeems him, it frees him, but he has paid a high price for it.

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