What lesson does the man in the red sweater teach Buck?

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The man in the read sweater teaches Buck a lesson about power.  The man in the red sweater opens Buck's crate, and Buck lunges at the man.  The man has a club that he uses to hit Buck with.  Enraged, Buck goes after the man again, and again, and again until he is beaten and bloodied.  

On a very simple level, Buck learns to not attack anyone with a club.  A bit deeper than that is that Buck learns not to attack anyone with a weapon.  Deeper still, Buck learns to not attack anyone that is more powerful than Buck is.  Buck learns to submit to a more powerful authority.  

The lesson also teaches Buck that he can always become more powerful.  He has to be patient and learn to become the more powerful individual.  Until that happens though, Buck must submit to the higher power and authority.  

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