What are Leona's motives for planting in Seedfolks?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Leona decides to become involved in the community garden as a kind of act of homage in memory of her dead grandmother. Leona's chapter begins by filling us in on her grandmother's history, and in particular how she would outlive her doctors with stubborn resistance. She would go to their funerals and lay some goldenrod on their graves. As a result, when Leona comes back home from the grocery store, thinking about her grandmother and her feelings for her, when she sees the community garden project, she decides to plant some goldenrod in memory of her grandmother:

When I saw they had little gardens going, I said to myself, "I believe I'll plant me a patch of goldenrod right there."

Leona therefore joins in the community garden scheme out of memory of her grandmother, seeking to grow and cultivate the same plant that symbolises her grandmother's character.

mkcapen1 | Student

Leona is thinking back about her grandmother and how she had outlived all of the doctors who had told her that the tea she drank everyday would give her high blood pressure and make her sick.  She had out lived them and Leona sees the irony in it. 

One day she sees people with shovels making a little garden area.  She decides to plant golden-rods.  She states in the book that she just wanted to plant like many others probably wanted to do as well.  Her desire to plant also helps her to motivate herself to have the garbage picked up from the property.  She takes action so that the garbage collectors will go and get it by going to city hall.

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