What is each planet's length of rotation around the sun?

Expert Answers
acorn13 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Not including Pluto, our solar system's 8 planets range in rotational length from 3 Earth months to 165 Earth years and their orbits around the sun range from 223,700,000 to 7,562,300,000 miles. 

It takes Mercury 3 Earth months to complete one orbit around the sun. Its journey takes 223,700,000 miles to complete. 

It takes Venus 7 Earth months to travel 422,500,000 miles around the sun. 

Here on Earth, our trip around the sun takes one Earth year or 365.25 days. This is why we have a leap year every four years to account for the .25 days adding up to one whole day. Our orbit is 584,000,000 miles long

Mars' orbit takes almost 2 Earth years to complete at 23 months and travels 888,000,000 miles around the sun. 

Jupiter's orbit is 3,037,000,000 miles long. It takes 142 Earth months or 11.83 years to complete. 

Saturn's orbit of 5,565,900,000 miles takes 354 Earth months (29.5 years) to complete.

Uranus takes 84 Earth years (1,009 months) to travel its 11,201,300,000 mile long orbit around the sun. 

Neptune's 17,562,300,000 mile orbit is the longest both in length and time to complete. It takes 1,979 Earth months (164.92 years) to orbit the sun once. 

If you include Pluto, it is the furthest and has the longest lasting orbit. It's orbit is 22,698,700,000 miles long and takes 2,977 Earth months (248 years).