What legacy did George W. Bush leave for America?What legacy did George W. Bush leave for America?

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This is a politically charged question, but I will try to answer as neutrally as possible. The Pariot Act was one of Bush's most important legacies. It is a step forward in national surveillance that cannot be reversed. He was also appointed by the court, which is a significant event.
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Even people who may be ideologically sympathetic to Bush are probably troubled by much of his legacy, particularly the growth of the federal deficit. He did much less to control the expansion of the deficit than anyone might have hoped.

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I think one could argue that the Federal government had more power when George W. Bush left office than when he got there, in no small part due to the War on Terror and the enhanced law enforcement and military powers that were granted as a result of the 9/11 attacks.

While it is almost never one administration's responsibility, when Bush entered office there was a large budget surplus, and the large tax cuts and unfunded wars began during his two terms are directly responsible for our national fiscal crisis.

Bush continued the policies of Clinton on financial deregulation, which helped to create the housing and banking speculative bubbles along with the current recession.