In "Once Upon a Time," what led the parents to consult the security company?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that fear is the major factor behind the family consulting the security company.  In the end, the family is so afraid of the threats from the outside world that they genuinely believe they can escape it from becoming more insular and examining the world with more mistrust.  The family's attempts to install a security system has not created the desired effect, and so the belief in building a wall to protect the family is what is embraced.  Yet, in observing the ease with which a cat can crawl up the wall and climb over it, the family recognizes that something more drastic is needed.  Jagged shards are place on the top of the wall and the building of the coil commences.  The family is motivated by the desire to be safe, which is fed by the fear of the outside world.  This combination convinces them that they can keep the outside world from the inside realm of heaven, or pure bliss within their own familial unit.  The security company works with them to create a thicket of barbed wire, something that the boy sees as a remnant from a fairy tale where the fair prince must rescue a maiden in distress.  In the end, the parents' fear is what causes them to embrace such radical measures, ones that end up choking the life of their child, bringing the family to emotional ruin as opposed to eliminating the threat posed by the outside world.