What led to the formation of the Progressive party in U.S. politics?

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jamesmatthewking eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The National Progressive Party, also called the Bull Moose Party, was the result of a split in the Republican Party in the 1912 election between Theodore Roosevelt and Howard Taft, Roosevelt's hand-picked successor.  Roosevelt left office in 1909 under the impression that Taft would continue the progressive line blazed by Roosevelt, "to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics," as the Progressive Party platform put it.  When Taft did not continue this line, Roosevelt challenged Taft's bid for reelection.  This split in the Republican Party made it easier for Woodrow Wilson to win the presidency in 1912.

The Progressive Party dissolved within two years following the election, but Roosevelt's view of government's direct care for its citizens would affect later policies, specifically the New Deal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, TR's distant cousin.

revolution | Student

The Progressive Party, also called the BULL MOOSE PARTY, was  a political party that was formed at 1912 during its presidential elections, where Theodore Roosevelt lost the Republican votes to William Tart, his once hand-picked successor for presidency, after stepping down as President of USA. Feeling that the President now was weak and incapable of handling his task, Roosevelt challenged his position and his bid for re-election of Presidency for a second term. This cause a major divide between the Republican party, causing Roosevelt to pull his delegates out of the convention and forming a new party, the Progressive Party. His main policy and motive for this new party was to "dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt businesses and politics". This gave Woodrow Wilson, another political candidate for the Democrats to use the opportunity to garner support and votes for his philosophy of "New Freedom", and allowed him to become President of USA in 1912.

Later on, the Progressive Part did terribly at the 1914 Elections and soon faded into oblivion. Roosevelt soon returned to the Republican Party.