What led to clashes between the British and Spanish over Florida?

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mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Great Britain fought against France during the Seven Years' War.  Secret French and Spanish negotiations led to plans for an attack on neutral Portugal.  According to the plan, the Spanish attacked Portugal.  The British knew that Spain would soon be at war against them, so they attacked Cuba and Spanish ships.  The British took over Havana and other Spanish colonies.  Great Britain was eventually declared the victor in the Seven Years' War, which officially ended with the Treaty of Paris.  As outlined in the treaty, the British gave Havana back to Spanish in exchange for Florida.  This was the beginning of British rule in Florida.  

After the Revolutionary War, the Peace of Paris treaties included the secession of Florida from the British back to Spain.  The British no longer had a need for Florida because all the surrounding land now belonged to the newly formed United States of America.  Florida remained in Spanish control until it was acquired by the United States.