Identify at least three examples of foreshadowing in Night.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the narrative contains some wonderful instances of foreshadowing.  The first five pages of the narrative is one of the first examples of foreshadowing with Moshe the Beadle.  The fact that Moshe lives to tell his tale of horror is something that Elie Wiesel himself experienced later on with the publication of his memoir.  Another example of foreshadowing would be Madame Schachter yelling "fire" uncontrollably aboard the train.  The fact that she was able to foreshadow the fires of Birkenau, something that Eliezer's father reminded the son of during their time at the camp.  Another example of foreshadowing would be Rabbi Eliahu's son abandoning the father.  When Eliezer says that he would never do such a thing to his own father, it foreshadows both what the situaiton in which he is going to be placed and the fact that he infact does abandon his father in his time of need.  These are but a few of examples of foreshadowing in Wiesel's work.