What are at least ten items of common police equipment?

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We might approach this topic by dividing the broad term “police equipment” into smaller categories.  First, there is communication equipment – a radio transmitter, usually shoulder-mounted, the actual red light and siren of the police car, which “states” a police presence, the uniform and badge, etc., the radio (and, more recently, access to the electronic media), even a card with the Miranda Warning.  Next there is the equipment that provides a physical advantage for the police – weapons, handcuffs, billy club, etc.  Then there is the equipment for reporting and storing incidents – cameras, report forms, tape recordings, etc.  Of the various “equipment” items, the personal ones (gun, holster, flashlight, cuffs, etc.) that are normally carried on the person include a belt, extra ammunition rounds (often in clips), identification (badge, identity document, etc.), flashlight, billy club, sometimes a spare weapon, such as an ankle pistol.   Finally, there is the "equipment" of a support staff, dispatcher, etc. and the law itself.

laurto | Student
  • pistol- for extreme reliability and accuracy
  • handcuffs- prevents injuries to criminals as well as police officers 
  • bulletproof vest- protects against pistols, guns, knives, arrows, etc.
  • tazer- to neutralize a suspect, in order to make arrest
  • baton- to control non-compliant people
  • pepper spray
  • flashlight
  • radios
  • ammunition
  • batteries