What is the least appealing part or aspect of religion?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is, of course, a matter of personal opinion.  My own view is that the least appealing aspect of religion is its tendency to make people intolerant and overly certain of their own beliefs.

Having said that, it is important for me to admit that religion is not the only thing that can make people intolerant and overly certain.  Essentially, anything that requires faith in something that is not provable can do this.  For example, people who think their own political party is superior can feel this way.  So can people who think their own ethnic group is superior to others.

However, religion is uniquely suited to making people intolerant and overly certain.  After all, religion is the only area in which people are told that their opinions are sanctioned by almighty God.  If you believe that the being that created the universe has told you how to think, it will be very hard for you to tolerate other people who think in some other way.

I prize tolerance and open-mindedness.  I feel that religion can work to make people less tolerant and more close-minded.  This is what I like least about religion.

Least appealing fact is the some disturbing things religions sometimes require to do. I.e  a small tribe in india participated in throwing their baby off of a builing to be caught by a blanket in belief that this will make it stronger or braver. There was another one in which they believed that stepping on the baby would strengthen its bones. Also just simply some of the things it can do to people like people obsessed with religion can do crazy things to follow it in every way.

Snag | Student

The least appealing aspect of religion to me is the imposition of man-made rules as godly onto others, which in my opinion renders one's belief system shaky and confused. This not only affects the relationship of the two factions but also impedes the spiritual growth of both.

Strictly speaking for me, of course.

hermy27 | Student

This is, of course, subjective, but I believe that the least appealing aspect of religion is the exclusion of others.  While I can appreciate the draw of a structured belief system that promises the uncompromised love of a parent-like caretaker(s) and the offering of a life after death situation, I have a hard time feeling comfortable knowing that only a select few are invited.

ahmad1989 | Student

if religion make an appal about all aspects of life then its best

it must contains our purpose of cause, it must discuss nature or the whole universe

almost all religions are in present in symbols which changed with the passage of time , and only one is unchangeable , you should search that one which is more appalant towards life's reality , and which is unchangeable since many centuries passed . i hope u got the point what u r searching for . thank you

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