What were at least 3 of the behavior modification interventions/techniques observed during The Miracle Worker?

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The first things that Annie realizes she has to do in order to successfully teach Helen are to curb her wild behavior and instill obedience in her life. She accomplishes this with some of B.F. Skinner's behavior techniques. Some of the most common behavior techniques used in The Miracle Worker are punishment, positive reinforcement, and "don't give it attention." Here are what those behavior techniques entail and some examples of them from the book:

Punishment is when there is a consequence to an action: one does something, and something happens as a result of it. There can be positive or negative punishment. If one receives something it's positive punishment. If something is taken away, it's negative punishment.

Positive Punishment is receiving an unpleasant stimulus when you do unwanted behavior. For example, if you are trying to stop biting your nails, you may put something on them that tastes bad. Therefore, when you go to bite your nails, you will receive an unpleasant stimulus (because...

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