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What are learning skills?

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If you are asking what the definition of learning skills is, learning skills are much like study skill.  They are the skills that help a person be able to pick up and retain new information and ideas.

If you are asking for examples of learning skills, there are many.  Some of the more basic learning skills (beyond the ability to read) are:

  • Taking notes.  When reading or listening to a lecture, it is important to be able to take good notes.  In order to do this, you have to be able to understand what is important in the text or the lecture.
  • Reviewing.  Since it's hard to know what is important the first time you read or hear something, it is often useful to go back over your notes and rewrite them.  This involves reading over the notes and adding or deleting things once you know more about the subject.  This encourages you to think about the subject some more and increases your learning.
  • Reading.  Although you already know how to read, reading more effectively and reading for better comprehension is a skill in itself.

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jessica20 | Student

Learning skills is grasping things quickly. Reading and understanding subjects easily denotes that person as good learning skills.