What are some different styles of leadership and which one would you adopt if you were asked to lead a group?

Expert Answers
Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some common leadership styles are: authoritarian leader, director, consensus-builder, visionary, and manager. Authoritarian leaders give commands and do not generally ask for feedback from others. Directors also give commands, but are more likely to request feedback and to engage in constructive dialogue with others before giving directives. Consensus-builders listen intently while thinking creatively of solutions that accommodate the needs and wants of all group members. Visionaries lead by motivation; they remind the group of the importance of their end goal, and infuse the group with a sense of what's possible. Managers are very process-oriented in their leadership style, emphasizing institutional protocol and efficiency in decision-making. I lean toward consensus-building because I find that people execute better when they feel a sense of agency over the process and the decisions that are being made.