What are the laws Governing Waknuk in The Chrysalids, if there are any?  

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Yes, there are laws that govern Waknuk society; however, often readers are meant to infer what the general wording of a law is because there are few locations in the text where a law is quoted in a word-for-word format. We get close in the early parts of the book when David is telling us about "ethics."

Ethics was why you should, and shouldn't, do things. Most of the don'ts were the same as my father's, but some of the reasons were different, so it was confusing.

David tells readers that ethics covers why certain things should be done and not done. It covers why rules are in place, but it doesn't necessarily explain what those rules are. A few paragraphs later, David tells readers that there are a lot of rules that govern his society and ethics. Thankfully, instead of listing all of them, he summarizes the rules in a couple of sentences.

Most of the numerous precepts, arguments, and examples in Ethics were condensed for us into this: the duty and purpose of man in this world is to fight...

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