What is the latitude and longitude of Brazil when using Google Earth?  

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10 degrees, 00 minutes South latitude and 55 degrees, 00 minutes West longitude.  This is the location of Brazil on earth using latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates.  If you input these coordinates into the Google Earth locator, you will locate in the South American country of Brazil.

Latitude is measured north or south of the equator, which is 0 degrees. The northern most part of Brazil starts at the 10 degree South latitudinal marking, making the top part of the country a tropical rainforest biome.  It is home to the Amazon river, one of the longest river systems in the world.

Longitude is measured east or west of the prime meridian, which is 0 degrees.  The prime meridian is a line that extends from the north pole to the south pole and passes through Greenwich, England.  Brazil is 55 degrees West of the prime meridian.  It sits on the right side of the South American continent, flanked by the southern Atlantic Ocean.

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