What are the latest and future plannings of NASA?Future aim.

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, has quite a storied past since its inception.  In its first ten years, the United States literally went from not having a unified space program to placing a man on the moon.  Successive efforts produced a reusable space vehicle in the form of the space shuttle.  NASAs future efforts continue to be largely focused on the study of the Earth from space and the establishment of a moon-based colony.  NASA also is continuing in efforts to probe and explore our solar system.  Unmanned flights to Mercury, Mars, and Saturn continue to upgrade information about those planets.  NASA recently sent an unmanned flight to Pluto, in an effort to gather more information about that newly reorganized subplanet.  NASA also has sent unmanned flights to gather information on the asteroid field, to determine size and composition of the asteroids in the field between Mars and Jupiter.  So there is much going on in terms of future space exploration with NASA.


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