What is the last painting of Leonardo da Vinci?

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In the early 16th Century, Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to paint scenes from the Battle Of Anghiari at the Great Council Chamber Of Florence. It follows that da Vinci was supposedly miffed that a rival artist, Michelangelo Buonarroti, had also been commissioned to paint scenes from another battle (Battle Of Cascina) in the same room.

Legend has it that da Vinci never finished this painting. Around 1517, the King Of France, Francis 1, offered him the position of Premier Painter and Engineer and Architect Of The King. Accordingly, Leonardo brought along his two favorite apprentices, Salai and Melzi, and three paintings: the Mona Lisa, John The Baptist, and The Virgin and Child With St. Anne. It is this last work that is officially considered to be Leonardo's last painting. Three years ago, the Louvre finished a restoration of The Virgin and Child With St. Anne.

Despite this, there are new claims that the above work may not have been Leonardo's last. One astounding claim is that made by Fiona McLaren, who claims that a family painting is really the last Leonardo masterpiece. Her book, Da Vinci's Last Commission: The Most Sensational Detective Story In The History Of Art , details her hypothesis. To date, her claim has not been fully verified by experts.

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St. John the Baptist is generally called Leonardo's last painting of his life.

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St. John the Baptist is called the last masterpiece