What is the language of "Bloodchild?"

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am not totally sure of your question.  The short story is an extrapolation.  It is writen in English, but I don't think you mean the question literally. 

I absolutely love Ms. Butler.  She died earlier this year and her writing will be missed.  The story "Bloodchild" is about the cooprative symbyosis between the Terrans (humans) and the Tlics (an alien race).   The difficulty in communication at the beginning of the story is due to the two different species trying to co-habitate.  The really interesting thing is Ms. Butler writes a story where the male humans are implanted with the egg and the offspring is ripped out of the stomach in a bloody surgery.  Thus the title, Bloodchild.   It is written from the young man's point of view who has just come of age to be impregnated.

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