What laboratory apparatus is attached to a ring stand and can be used to hold a test tube or thermometer?

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jking22 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chemistry, it is important to understand which laboratory equipment is being used in order to correctly and safely conduct experiments. The correct usage of lab equipment not only increases the experimenter's chance for success and replicability, but also increases their safety. The laboratory apparatus you are referring in this question is known as a clamp. A clamp allows the experimenter to attach either a test tube or a thermometer to what is called a ring stand. A ring stand typically consists of a metal pole with a solid base that allows it to stand independently. The clamp allows an experimenter to safely anchor a test tube or thermometer to it. This gives the experimenter the ability to safely conduct measurements of heating liquids, and also allows for heating of solutions placed in test tubes.  

vnessawong21 | Student

A clamp is often attached to a ring stand in a manner so it is also able to hold a test tube or thermometer at the same time. This laboratory apparatus is often crucial in many labs because it allows a test tube to be heated up in a safe controlled manner. 

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