What did the daughters in The Joy Luck Club teach their mothers?

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While the Joy Luck mothers’s goal is to teach their daughters about life, they also end up learning something important: their daughters are just like them.

The mothers want the best for their daughters, and it is difficult sometimes for them to step back and watch their children be taken advantage of. However, this is exactly what the Joy Luck mothers witness—and they are partly to blame.

For instance, An-Mei learned to be quiet from her own mother, who was pushed around in a relationship with a man she did not love but who repeatedly shamed her. Her mother told An-Mei: “Do you see how I have no position?” as Fourth Wife to Wu Tsing. After enduring rape, losing her family and honor, having her child taken away from her, and receiving constant disrespect from her husband, she takes drastic action to teach An-Mei to be powerful and have a voice.

An-Mei realizes she has not taught that lesson to Rose, who has allowed her husband to dominate her. Now that they are divorcing, Rose...

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