What it is known about the behaviour of ants?

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An ant is a social animal. They have a perfect social organization, and each type of individual specializes in a specific activity within the colony. They are thought by many as having a collective intelligence, and each ant is considered then as an individual cell of a bigger organism.

The colony is made up of one or more queens and many female workers. During two or three days a year there will also be drones, which seem to have only a reproductive function. The queen emits an scent that makes all the workers behave in the way they do. An ant that looses its way to the nest does not live long.

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Ants are one of the most remarkable of all insects because of of the way they are organized in social communities. A community of ants, called a colony may have members ranging from just one doze to millions.

Each colony may have several queens. Job of queen is to lay eggs. Most of the ants in a colony are females and act as workers.They do jobs such as build nests, search for food, gather food, care for the young, and fight enemies. A worker may do the same job throughout its life or change jobs from time to time.

The only function of male ants is to mate with young queens. They live in the nest only at certain times and die after mating.

Ants live in all parts of the world except in areas with very cold climate. Most of the ants build permanent nests of different types. For example they may live underground, in earthen mound or in hollow of trees.

Ants communicate with other ants in several ways such as tapping outside the wall of their nests,and giving off chemicals with distinctive smell or taste.

Compared to their size ants are very strong. Most ants can lift load loads that weigh ten times their weight. Some varieties of ants can lift loads that weigh 50 times their weight.

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Scientists over the past year have discovered that ants omit a special type of chemical secretion that alerts the other members of the need to remove a dead any from the mound.  The same chemical that is responsible for alerting other ants when danger is present.

Ants have a need to remove dead ants from their living environment in order to prevent contamination following the decay of the ant.  Ants also have a chemical that warns other ants when danger is near.  The chemical changes when an ant dies.  This allows the other ants to become aware and quickly remove the deceased to another location.  Since so many ants live together in a colony they have to relay on messages sent through chemical releases as a form of communication.

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Social beings, ants live in large groups called colonies, where labour organization is very well set. Ants are considered the most industrious insects. The antennas are used by ants to communicate to the other ants in the colony. Besides the eyes and antennas , head ends with a kind of jaw like pliers, weapons with which to defend from the enemies. All kind of pliers - more developed and more pointed - have ants every foot soldiers, those who  colony. The role of each inhabitant of the colony is very well established and respected within the group. Thus, the colony is headed by a single ant - the queen - whose sole task is to make eggs, always being looked after and protected from all other ants. Also it is one that, at first, to form the colony.
Most other ants in the anthill are working, they gathered food brotherly divided between all members of the colony. The eggs develop into larvae and then into ants.
The lifetime of a colony depends directly on the life of Queen. When it dies, the colony not withstand more than a few months as the queen is rarely replaced by another ant.

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