What knowledge is Montag able to memorize in Fahrenheit 451?

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In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Montag memorizes literature. Although he fears that he does not remember all of the text, the literature gradually returns to him.

After some thought, Montag realizes that he remembers some of the literature that he read. As Montag thinks, he remembers books of the Bible, particularly “part of Ecclesiastes and Revelation.” As Montag continues, he begins to remember even more from Ecclesiastes and Revelation.

As he continues with the outsiders on the railroad, Montag begins reciting more of the Bible from his memory. Although he does not remember all of it yet, the fellow outsiders encourage him by saying that they have a method of remembering literature. Each individual from the group memorizes a piece of literature. Although they respect knowledge and literature, they burn the books so that they are not caught with them and killed.

Thus, Montag remembers portions of the Bible, especially Ecclesiastes and Revelation. Although he does not yet remember all of these portions, his fellow outsiders encourage him.

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