What are Knickerbockers as a piece of clothing?

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Knickerbockers are a style of pants that have their origin with the Dutch and are characterized by their high-shin or knee-length.  They traditionally have a puffy appearance at the knee because they have been rolled up. Today’s “knickers” are tailor-made to end at the knee and do not generally have the rolled-up appearance, and are generally worn only be women.  The origins of the word or name “Knickerbocker” is uncertain, but has been traced to early Dutch settlers, at least some of whom wore trousers in this style.  Today, knickerbockers, or knickers, are most commonly associated with the sport of golf. Traditionally, golfers worse knickers accompanied with knee-high socks or stockings.  The only golfer of the modern era, at least practicing in the United States, who wore knickers was the late Payne Stewart, who sadly perished in a plane crash in 1999. 


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