What are Kino's dreams for his family?

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Once Kino has found the Pearl of the World, he begins to dream. Like most parents, he hopes for a better life for his son, and, of course, some things for his wife and himself.

  • He wants to have a wedding. In the pearl he saw Juana in a new shawl and Coyotito in a suit, wearing real shoes, and himself standing and kneeling at the high altar, and they were being married now that they could pay. 
  • They would have new clothes. In his dream about the marriage ceremony, Coyotito wears a blue sailor suit. In other daydreams, Kino envisions his son other little suits with hats.
  • Kino hopes for a new harpoon with a ring at the end of the shaft
  • Kino wants a Winchester carbine because having a rifle would "burst whole horizons."
  • Kino wants his son to go to school where he will "read and open the books," and write and understand numbers.

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