What is the king's method of accusation?  

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Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I assume what you're asking is what is the king's method of punishing criminals in "The Lady, or the Tiger?"  This semi-barbaric king has established an arena, open to the public, which is the seat of justice for his kingdom.  Here, all who are accused come to face their fate, which comes in the form of choosing one of two doors.  Behind one door waits the most beautiful maiden in the land; if that door is opened, the apparently innocent victim will be immediately married to her.  (I've always wondered why all criminals in this kingdom were men, but that's another story!)  Behind the other door is a hungry tiger who will immediately devour the apparently guilty victim.  This system relies on fate, of course, and the outcomes are both spectacular enough to draw thunderous crowds each time someone has been sent to the arena.  Obviously the story is ironic, and this perfectly reasonable system of justice is actually outrageous and inherently unjust. 

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