What is kinesthetic sense?Kinesthetic sense is under the proprioceptors.  Pleasehelp me understand clearly. I need its parts, functions,abnormalities(cause and effect) and treatment of this.

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Kinesthesis refers to sensory input that occurs within the body." Proprioceptors are nerves which are located in your joints, tendons, and muscles that are working with the brain to let a person unconsciously know where your body parts are.  They are responsible for your sixth sense, called the kinesthetic sense.  This is the sense that lets you understand and know that your fingers holding a pencil, or that they are typing on a keyboard.  If a person has an accident that damages the relays, or a stroke etc. this damages the kinesthic sense.  If this happens a person loses that unconscious knowledge and has to look at the appendage they are moving.  If this happens there are sometimes treatments that can help.  If a person has a stroke they might be able to recover their kinesthetic sense with medication.  Sometimes treatment involves physical therapy to retrain the brain and create new pathways for the signals of the proprioceptors.

jennifer-taubenheim eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Proprioceptors are responsible for the kinethetic sense. This sense allows you to recognize the actions of your body. This is generally unconscious. For example, you comprehend that you have a cup in your hand or that your arm is swinging as you walk.

Some people who have suffered something like a stroke or brain damage have lost their kinesthetic sense. These people have to look at their hands, feet, legs, etc. in order to know what that body part is doing and to be able to control that body part.

k50xyz85 | Student

Kinestetic sense involves your body movements at all times.So in a sense you are using kinestetic sense  by walking,running,hopping,driving and doing anything suchas watching television,going to the movies,going   on vacation and lots more.They all require body movement.For example Skiing,Swimmingand Rock Climbing.