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by William Shakespeare

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What kinds of symbolism may be found in the following quote from Macbeth? "Here lay Duncan, / His silver skin laced with his golden blood."  

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In act 2, scene 3 of Shakespeare's Macbeth, Macduff arrives at Macbeth's castle on the order of King Duncan to meet with him early in the morning.

MACDUFF: Is the King stirring, worthy Thane?

MACBETH: Not yet.

MACDUFF: He did command me to call timely on him;
I have almost slipp'd the hour.

MACBETH: I'll bring you to him. [2.3.42-46]

Macbeth calmly shows Macduff the way to Duncan's rooms.

MACBETH: This is the door. [2.3.42-50]

Macduff enters Duncan's rooms and returns to the courtyard after a moment, and without actually saying so, he announces Duncan's murder.

MACDUFF: Approach the chamber, and destroy your sight
With a new Gorgon. Do not bid me speak;
See, and then speak yourselves. [2.3.76-78]

Macbeth and Lennox hurry off to take a look at Duncan while Macduff raises the alarm.

In a dramatic turn of events, and remarkable change of attitude, Macbeth shows no hesitation to go back to the scene of his crime, where just a few hours ago he absolutely refused to go after he murdered Duncan.


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