What kinds of points-of-view does Jhumpa Lahiri use in Unaccustomed Earth? Please be a little detailed. Thank you.

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There are multiple different points of view used in Jhumpa Lahiri's novel Unaccustomed Earth. The novel is broken into two sections. The first section contains five stories ("Unaccustomed Earth," "Hell-Heaven," "A Choice of Accommodations," "Only Goodness" and "Nobody's Business"). The second section of the novel contains three stories ("Once in a Lifetime," "Year's End" and "Going Ashore").

There are two main points of view used throughout the collection of stories in the novel. Both first-person and third person narration are used over the course of the stories. The first section of stories is predominately written using first-person, while the second section of stories is written in first person (with the exception of "Going Ashore" which is written using a third person omniscient (all knowing) narrator). "One in a Lifetime" is written from Hema's point of view, while "Year's End" is written from Kaushik's.

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