What kinds of physical environments do you think are the best ones in which to build a society? Why do you think so?

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The physical environment includes environmental features (such as temperature, moisture, climate and soil properties), built environment (infrastructural features) and socio-economic and cultural features. For establishment and development of a society, certain key requirements must be met, including availability of a food and water source, protection from the natural elements and other species, resources for development of society, etc. The foremost criteria is availability of food and water, which means the society has to be located near a source of running water and fertile soil. Since protection is also a key to survival and propagation, the location should be safe from predators and should provide enough means to society to defend itself. For example, survival from cold weather will require animal skins to cover the human body, warm places to live, etc. Ideally, the climate must be moderate, with fertile soil and provision of irrigation nearby. For example, large tracts of land in the Pacific Northwest are therefore a good location.

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Society has few needs but these needs must be met for it to be successful. Of the physical aspects necessary for a society to survive the main one is geographical location. A society must eat and drink. Being located near a running source of freshwater is a requirement. Multiple food options are also key. Land must be able to be cultivated and farmed while also providing wild game for hunting. Other factors to consider are protection from the elements and other "societies." Many, if not all, of these needs can be found in the low to mid-latitudes across the globe. The climate provides essential temperatures and precipitation levels for cultivating land. Many areas of the geographic location also contain viable options for shelter. Examples of these locations would include the Southeastern United States and southern Canada. 

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