What kinds of personalities are evident in Silas Marner?

Expert Answers
lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are a few adjectives that you could assign to each of the main characters.  These could be developed into a larger discussion of their personalities.  What is interesting is how some of the characteristics of a character play off of one another.  For example, Silas's abilty to be open-hearted to taking in Eppie allowed him to be more dynamic man who was able to change his attitudes about his world and the world around him.  Another example is Dunstan's arrogance leads to his foolishness, and ends up killing him.  This novel is a clever and seemingly simple story, and the characters come to clearly represent some age-old sterreotypes about people.

Silas Marner -- miserly, open-hearted, dynamic

Eppie -- sweet, innocent, loyal

Dunstan Cass -- greedy, foolish, arrogant

Godfrey Cass -- weak, foolish, indecisive 

Dolly Winthrop -- friendly, helpful