What kinds of  indirect characterization are employed in Eveline

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While there are four different ways in which authors develop their characters using indirection characterization--

  1. through a physical description
  2. through the thoughts of the character
  3. through the character's own actions
  4. through the comments and reactions of other characters

--for the most part, James Joyce employs only two of these techniques; namely #2 and #3. For, he makes use of Eveline's thoughts by means of the Modernist technique of interior monologue. In addition, Joyce utilizes imagery to connote Eveline's being "spiritually lost."  As she sits, leaning against the dusty drapes watching the field where she used to play and the brown houses, Eveline reflects upon how her father "was not so bad then" and her mother was yet living. Eveline also contemplates her intentions to leave home.

Glancing around the house, Eveline notices more dust, suggestive of immobility and death-in-life as she deliberates her decision to leave, qestioning its wisdom. But, she recalls her subservient positions both in the home and at work where Miss Gavan "had an edge on her": 

"Miss Hill, don't you see these ladies?...Look lively, Miss Hill, please."

So, Eveline concludes, she will not miss the Stores, hoping that in her new home people will treat her with respect, and not as her mother has been treated.

Even now, though she was nineteen, she sometimes felt hersel in danger of her father's violence.

Eveline reflects upon the father's control, how he takes her salary and she must beg for money for groceries. And,...

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