what kinds of details did Kafka use to establish Gregor's life before his metamorphosis into an insect?

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Because Kafka immediately enters the story to Gregor’s discovery of becoming an insect. The details of his demise is told through out the story. Kafka explains his constant travels as a sales person. His determination to pay off his family’s debts. He is the only provider in the home. Three other members fail to assist, his sister who is in school (incapable), his mother, Mrs. Samsa and his father Mr. Samsa. Kafka explains his tiredness of not getting to know people and constant travel and his responsibility to an entire family, who refuse to contribute to elevate their own debt. It appears that Gregor does not have any personal happiness, social interaction from the world and his immediate family (nucleus). With the weight of obligation and the isolation of his life he transforms into an insect