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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave

by Frederick Douglass
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What kinds of conflicts did Frederick Douglass face?

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The many conflicts that Frederick Douglass faced, which he eloquently narrates in his autobiography, propelled him to escape slavery and to become an outspoken abolitionist who championed for freedom for enslaved people everywhere.

One source of conflict was the deprivation of not knowing his family. Douglass notes that everyone told him that his father was a white man—most likely his master—but he never knew the truth of these claims with certainty. He also notes the custom in Maryland at the time to separate mothers and infants as early as possible; thus Douglass knew the woman who was his biological mother, but he never enjoyed a relationship with her, as they were forever separated. Not allowing a true sense of history or the ability to connect with his mother was but one way that those with power maintained such power over Douglass.

Douglass also endured great physical violence to himself and those he cared about. When he was a young boy, one of his most vivid memories was the...

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