What kinds of conflicts did Frederick Douglass face?

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As a slave who became educated and free, Fredrick Douglass was a renowned speaker who once stated that he did not even own his own head because there was a price on it (Race to Freedom, DVD).  His conflicts with himself resulted in a wondering of "Why me" in two senses.  Throughout the book, he wondered why he was born a slave and at other times he wonders why he was one of the few who could escape slavery.  Douglass was no different than other survivors of great human tragedies in his struggles with God and religion.  Certainly one in the midst of a horrific event has every right to wonder why he is made to endure the hardship.

Finally, in terms of his struggle with others, throughout the book we see almost daily examples of knowing whom to trust and whom to mistrust.  The struggles in this book are on nearly every page.

You might also look at Douglass's My Bondage and My Freedom.

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