What kind of writing can be included in academic writing? Enlist and describe them with examples. (Kinds/Types of Academic Writing)

Expert Answers
wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Academic writing is not really a genre in and of itself.  Rather, it is a style of writing which encompasses many genres.  Any type of writing that is circulated in academic circles or used for academic purposes can be included in academic writing.  A simple example of academic writing would be a student essay or research paper.  Another example of academic writing, especially at a collegiate or professional level, would be a critique.  Literary criticism is a common for of academic writing; this is where the author reads, analyses, and might give a personal opinion on a particular work of literature.  Although, critiques also appear in other areas as well.  A scientific review would also be considered academic writing.  Basically, anything that is written for an academic or scholastic purpose is considered academic writing.  See the eNotes link below for a more comprehensive list.